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frequently asked questions
01. How can I join Weekly Session?

You can join our weekly sessions by visiting one of our locations on any Sunday.  We conduct weekly session every Sunday from 11 AM, and also you can join our WhatsApp Groups to get timely updates on the Weekly Sessions, Webinars, Job notifications etc.


TQF Library, Adams Colony, Near Masjid-e-Quba, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad.
Advanced Skills Development Center, Syed Ali Chabutra, Shah Ali Banda Road, Hyderabad.
02. Is there any fee to attend the session?

No, There is no fee and hidden charges for attending the sessions, its completely free. You can attend multiple sessions without paying any charges. You can also recommend and share the information with others as well.

03. Do you have Online Sessions as well?

Yes, we do have Online Sessions (Webinars) happening mostly weekly on Saturdays.

04. What, If I want to be a volunteer?

Yes, you can easily become a volunteer with our organization, just fill the form on our website https://careerguidancecouncil.org/becomevolunteer or call on +91 9700956245 for more details.

05. Do I need to pay to join as a volunteer?

No, Not necessary, you can join as a volunteer without paying any money, you can share your experience,  time, and conducting session, etc., with the society. And still you want to contribute for the society you can donate.

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