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You get an Opportunity

To provide yourself with a sense and purpose for your life.
To help yourself discover your hidden potential.
To share something you are good at To develop and increase your self-confidence.
To develop and enhances your leadership skills.
To help yourself develop a sense towards your motherland.
To help yourself advance in your career.
To make yourself more productive in your professional activities.
To help yourself develop new skills and competencies.
To help yourself enhance your vision.
To efficiently use your free time and refrain from the distractive activity.
To do something in your spare time To bring fun and satisfaction in your life.
To avoid and combat depression.
To improve your social and People management skills.
To try something new.
To improve the neighbourhood where you live.
To meet people who are different from you.
To visit new places and see life from different angles.
To spread your professional network and make new friends.
To help yourself learn valuable job skills by teaching them to others.
Research says that it is good for your mind and body.

Career Guidance Council

Registered in the year 2008, Career Guidance Council (CGC) is a non-profit organization, which provides platform for students and jobs seekers to connect with the professionals from industries who share their experiences and ideas for the benefit of students and jobs seekers.

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